The monologue slam

This week, I was at Rich Mix in Brick lane to attend the Monologue slam, a new monthly event, recently taken over by Triforce promotions. The event was run by Mr. Jimmy Akinbola (Managing director of Triforce and our favourite Holby City doctor, Malik) As well as organizing, he was the main host of the night keeping the audience fully entertained. The event also attracted some popular industry faces to include Chucky Venice, Hugh Quarshie and Warren Brown to name a few.


Monlogue slam was something very unique. The event was due to kick off at 7.30pm and by 7.15pm there was already a full house with a great buzz of people of all ages, genders and races anticipating the evening which was about to take place. In a nutshell, it was like an open mic night for actors, giving ‘up and coming’ talent the opportunity to show their skills to an audience full of industry professionals. This included directors, agents, actors and actresses, film fanatics and a strict judging panel.  The judging panel featured Dona Croll(actress), John Markham (Agent), Kerry Michael (Artistic director of Stratford theatre) and James Dacre (Award winning director)

Actors and actresses were asked to do a piece in 1 minute, 2 minute or 3 minute slots and there was an improvisations piece, which was great and involved the audience. An example of this was where the audience had to think of a line, a prop and a theme that the actors then had to improvise. Some of the themes coming from the audience were things like Star Wars, Glee, Nollywood and Bollywood combined just to name a few. There was also a dance performance by a gospel group named ‘Child of Zion’ in the style of tribal stepping. It was great fun!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI caught up with host and organizer, Jimmy Akinbola at the end of the event and asked him a few questions about the event.

“How would you describe the Monologue slam to someone asking about the event and have their been any success stories?”

“The monologue slam is the ultimate actors showcase in London. It is a free platform and a great opportunity for actors and creatives to be seen by the industry. We have a slot for singers, dancers etc.. I’d like to eventually see the event on a channel like bbc arts- We are not X- factor we are something different and are changing people’s lives.”


“ There have been many success stories with talent getting roles in the Lion King, BBC’s Casualty and many being signed to agencies i.e. Shakespeare theatre company, RSC, JLM (Lenny Henrys agency) and many more all off the back of performing at Monologue slam!”

Winner on the night was Jaz Deol with special mentions also given.

If you have not been to a Monologue slam, the next one is due to take place on the 4th June 2012 at Rich Mix. Make sure you get yourself down there.

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