Are you in the ‘Travel Addicts’ Club?

The Travel Addicts club is a unique, exclusive members only club and is only for the elite few. Are you wondering how to be apart of it?   Well the great thing is, you may already be a member! A common questions I am asked weekly is: “Why do you love to travel so much?” I sat down and

Biceps or Ballers

What gets the ladies on holiday- Biceps or Ballers?

With the holiday season coming up, most men are in the gym getting that body right and the queue for the bench press is ridiculous. The motive is to get that body looking trim so that when you’re on the beach you look and feel good!

(Nothing worst than being that guy swimming in his vest)

Whats happens in Vegas, Miami, Cancun NEVER HAPPENED

 Should a one night stand on holiday ruin a relationship or can we just blame it on the alcohol? The holiday season is coming and what better way to enjoy an unforgettable holiday with your girlies or boys.  You have heard the saying ‘what happens on holiday stays on holiday’ Well lets take this to

The monologue slam

This week, I was at Rich Mix in Brick lane to attend the Monologue slam, a new monthly event, recently taken over by Triforce promotions. The event was run by Mr. Jimmy Akinbola (Managing director of Triforce and our favourite Holby City doctor, Malik) As well as organizing, he was the main host of the

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