Whats happens in Vegas, Miami, Cancun NEVER HAPPENED

 Should a one night stand on holiday ruin a relationship or can we just blame it on the alcohol?

The holiday season is coming and what better way to enjoy an unforgettable holiday with your girlies or boys.  You have heard the saying ‘what happens on holiday stays on holiday’ Well lets take this to another level. 

How about what happens on holiday NEVER HAPPENED!

In today’s society relationships are complex with people breaking up due to a number of reasons. One common reason is cheating.  

My question to you is: 

Is a one night stand on holiday the same as cheating on your partner when you’re back on home ground’?

Whats happens in Vegas2

The holiday-cheat never goes out looking for it. Their aim is just to have fun and soak up the sun, sea and alcohol.  

  Lets create a scenario.  Michael is 25, he has been in the gym for weeks getting that body right, for his holiday, the wardrobe is on point, the low fade looking sharp and not forgetting the must have pair of shades. This is Michael’s first boy’s holiday. He has been in relationship with Chloe for two years and they are solid and in love.

 Michael is at one of the hottest parties in Miami, hosted by Drake so you can just imagine the hype! Michael’s and friends have a table popping several bottles of Grey Goose and every time they make an order the sparklers arrive and more ladies surround them. They are feeling good!  Michael and his boys are partying hard, dancing with the ladies and giving out drinks like they are in a P Diddy video.  

 After the party there is always an after party, so Michael’s friends decide that they are going to have a party at the hotel. The ladies come back and one girl in particular gives Michael that look.  (Take me now!)  

Whats happens in Vegas3

 Candy tells Michael that she has never had an English boy and  pulls him into the room. Michael is very attracted to Candy physically. She sits on his lap and gives him a lap dance.  Candy’s body is banging.  Michael is drunk and his friends are nowhere to be seen.  Candy pulls up her skirt, gives him the look and says so I finally get my English guy. Michael does the deed.

 In the morning he wakes up and feels guilty. As far as Michael is concerned what happened In Miami never happened. 

Some people will say a cheat is a cheat and there is no difference but I beg to differ.


Michael was caught in a situation and found it hard to resist.

Yes he could have said no, but the influences around him made this difficult.  Michael did not put any effort in; he did not woo her, send messages or spend quality time with Candy. It was just that one night which he clearly would prefer to forget. He didn’t sneak around, tell lies or keep in contact with Candy. Chloe will more than likely never find out.

So back to my question, Should this one night stand ruin his relationship if Chloe was to ever find out…..

or do you agree what happens on holiday NEVER HAPPENED?

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