Biceps or Ballers

What gets the ladies on holiday- Biceps or Ballers?

With the holiday season coming up, most men are in the gym getting that body right and the queue for the bench press is ridiculous. The motive is to get that body looking trim so that when you’re on the beach you look and feel good!

(Nothing worst than being that guy swimming in his vest)

However guys, is it worth trading in more hours at the gym when you could be clocking in that over time at work?  What I’m asking is, what really counts for them ladies; biceps? I beg to differ, as since the word ‘swagger’ has come out, believe me, women can visualise LL cool J when the bottles are popping!

Here is the scenario: Two groups of guys on holiday in sunny Las Vegas

Group A, The Biceps crew: They have been in the gym for months, their bodies look on point and they all have attractive faces to go with it. When they are on the beach women stare.  They get a lot of attention during the day, they’re fun to be around and hard working.

Their cash flow is enough for them to have good time. They prefer to get drunk at the hotel rather than spending the money they don’t have, on drinks in the club. 


Group B: The Baller crew. They have standard body frames and they have that Rick Ross lookalike in their team. They love to shop and their swagger is on point! On the beach they always rent a hut, have bottles of champagne flowing and tip the waitress like money ain’t a thing. Women and men both stare as they can see these guys know how to party.

Kimberly and her girls are on the beach. They are stunning and most men adore them. Both group A and B have been begging the girls to make sure that they party with them later that night. It’s the girls last night in Vegas.  The girls agree to make their decision when they get to the club on whom to hang out with. The girls are really attracted to the biceps group and so between them they have already said they will more than likely chill with them in the club.

“We have our own money” Kimberly and girls say amongst each other.


 Its May 5th, the after party following the Mayweathers fight. I’m      going to be a mystic Meg and say he won the fight, so you can just imagine the atmosphere! The VIP is crazy, drinks are flowing and the ladies are glowing! That where you want to be right?  

 For the men, that decision is normally made by the money your willing to spend on a table.  Women just need to be a bit more creative, look for the guys with the yellow wristbands, flutter your eyelids and you’re in.

 Kimberly and the girls arrive at the party.


The Biceps group are in the middle of the dance floor and appear to be having fun enjoying the music. They say “girls, come party with us!”

One of the Baller Crew taps Kimberly and asks her to join them on their table. There are some serious celebs in the VIP and on their table. What choice do you think Kimberly made? 


Well, I will not leave you in suspense; she left the bicep crew faster then Usain Bolt and went with the ballers.  But why? 

Kimberly was on holiday and she had the choice of free drinks and celebrities or biceps and less money to buy some last minute bits at the airport.  

Does that make them gold diggers? Or men, maybe biceps don’t count for these women. I’m just saying. 

So back to my question, what really gets the ladies when you are on holiday? Biceps or ballers? 



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