Are you in the ‘Travel Addicts’ Club?

The Travel Addicts club is a unique, exclusive members only club and is only for the elite few.

Are you wondering how to be apart of it?


Well the great thing is, you may already be a member!

A common questions I am asked weekly is:

“Why do you love to travel so much?”

I sat down and asked myself why….

Why travel?

Is it just the feeling of being at the airport? checkin

The excitement of getting on the plane?

Or maybe it is the feeling of arriving at the new destination and inhaling new fresh air.

There is no better feeling then when the heat hits you after coming off the plane in a hot destination! Ahhhh…..


Does this ring a bell to you?

If it does, you may also be apart of what I like to call – “The Travel Addicts club”

Many of us like to take a break from the normal routine of everyday life, but travel addicts take it to a new extreme.

Getting away is a MUST, by any means necessary!

So are you an everyday traveller or a real holiday addict?

Here are 10 points to confirm whether you are in the club and a few things to look out for:


1. Are you already planning or thinking about your next holiday when you are on the plane home from your current one?


2. Do you know the name of destinations by their airport code? Miami  becomes MIA, Los Angeles becomes LAX, Atlanta becomes ATL and Cancun becomes CUN.



3. Do you jump on the internet looking at holiday packages, flight prices and places to go as soon as someone updates their status with a holiday pic or you see Jay Z’s big pimping video?



4. Do you have a selection of foreign currencies floating around your home and foreign change in your wallet/ Purse?


5. Have you thought about immigrating to another country after returning home at least once and considered learning a language?



6. Do you have a ‘holiday wardrobe’. That pair of shorts, tops, T-shirts or dresses that can solely be worn on holiday and no where whilst on home ground, no matter how nice they look?



7. Do you work out in the gym and buy outfits for holidays you haven’t even booked yet?

8. Can you guess to the nearest 3kg how heavy your case will be at the airport?

9. Do you strategically plan your work holidays around bank holidays and public holidays to get more time abroad?
10. Do you have a few dedicated holiday apps on your phone to include currency exchange and Expedia?


If you have answered yes to at least 7 of the above points, then you my friend are in the Travel Addicts Club.

So what do you do?

There are a few cures available for travel addicts.

The common solution for people with an addiction would be to go cold turkey and by this, we are saying to stop doing the thing which is causing you the addiction.

But what would be the use in that?


Travelling is one of the most enriching experiences anyone can have. It opens your mind, teaches you new things and allows you to see things away from what the media show us.

If you are not in the club, I recommend booking a holiday to experience what the travel addicts club is all about. Its an amazing club to be in!

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You are in the right place.

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